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      TELACUENTO is born from my desire of telling stories about us: women.

Wanted to be a writer I found that every time I tried to write a story, I began to draw it, adding to it phrases, words or thoughts. Then, searching a way to accomplish my desire I found the Textiles, which I always love them. 

My name is Enid Silvestry,  and I am from Puerto Rico and the creator of Telacuento: "fabric stories". My work present, in a fun way, the phylosophy of life, attitudes, culture, point of views, ideas...that many of us women follow in our day to day jouney, and in the search of been genuine and truthful to ourselves and others.

You will find my designs in pillows, wall hangings, guess towels, bags, and greeting cards.

Hope you enjoy it.


Telacuento nace de mi deseo de contar cuentos. Al querer escribirlos en vez de palabras salen dibujos con frases y pensamientos. Comienzo a experimentar el camino del textil y me encanta. Mi trabajo presenta actitudes, puntos de vista, cultura e ideas que muchas de nosotras seguimos en nuestra jornada de vida y al buscar ser genuinas para con nosotras mismas y para con los otros.

Encuentras mis trabajos en diferentes formas como en cojines, textiles de pared, carteras, y tarjetas, etc.

Espero lo disfruten.



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